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Get 25% off for Studio Samples

Do yo want to show off your images on beautiful wall art & frames? If you know which products you want for your studio simply email us at info@printfoundrylab.com or call us on 020 3633 7235 to discuss your samples.

We know how important it is to present a complete and perfect product to your client and we are always on hand to help you get the best results from your images. We no longer limit the number of samples offered. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll provide you with a discount code.

Please Note:
Samples are usually restricted to our standard sizes up to 40 x 30 inches. If you require custom or extra large samples please call to discuss. No need to apply a watermark on the image, we apply a stamp to the reverse of the product stating 'Sample Product'.

Order your samples today and start selling your work on the finest products on the market.