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The Amazing Reveal Frame™


Now only supplied with one print, but more can be added at any time.

Our own creation, designed to help Photographers and Artists create impact and increase sales. The Reveal Frame™ prints can be swapped out and changed over and over. It can also hold up to 2 images at a time layered on top of each other and you can simply peel the top layer and reveal the second hidden print. This is intended for impact during viewing sessions or to hide an image short term, rather than leaving it to hold both images all the time. For constant use, one image at a time is recommended.

Use it as a demo product! Wow customers during the viewing session, by unveiling their image on the final finished frame. They then purchase the permanent / fixed version of the same product which is our Tray Framed Pro Mount.

Revamp your whole studio and go from Newborn Photography to Family Portraits in seconds. This will help you display the right images to the right type of customers.

Prints are easy to order, store and reuse making the Reveal Frame™ perfect for entrance and window displays that need updating regularly.

• A glassless frame with interchangeable prints

• Sealed with a smooth matte finish

• Available in our shallow and deep tray frames

• Hi-definition 12 colour printing

• Frame Production: 10 working days

• Replacement Prints: 3 - 5 working days



Portrait or Landscape (in inches):
20x16,  24x16,  30x20,  36x24

Square (in inches):
20x20,  24x24,  30x30


Please note: We offer 25% off as a studio sample on the Reveal Frame. Studios Samples may take a little longer than the stated production times to prioritise standard orders.